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Hi everyone :)

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What a contrast! It's hard to believe two countries so close geographically and ethnically could be so different! The legacy of communism in Estonia has left so it far behind economically that Finland's prosperity seems almost obscene when crossing the Baltic from one to the other. Add to that the fact that Tallinn is an ancient Medieval city dating from a time hundreds of years before anyone had even thought thought about Helsinki, and you have polar opposites just a 2-hour ferry ride apart! Speaking of the ferry, our waitress in Tallinn last night told us that many young Estonians commute daily to Helsinki in order to triple their salaries!

People sitting on steps

People sitting on steps

I can't leave Tallinn behind without the quick glimpse of Russia we enjoyed while walking to our hotel after dinner last night; many Estonians wanted to demolish the Russian Orthodox cathedral when they re-captured their independence, and who can blame them! Lucky for us it still stands, directly across from the seat of the Estonian government! And here it is in all its glory in the evening sun.

Bike riding!

Bike riding!

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